ASRock Introduces Smart Cooling Solution for M.2 PCIe Gen5 SSDs with Exclusive Fan-Heatsink Combo

The PCIe Gen5 storage is known for its impressive speed but requires efficient cooling to perform optimally. Several brands have incorporated a large heatsink or active cooling technology into their Gen5 storage to address this issue.

PCIe 5.0 or Gen 5 – a new standard of PCIe offering doubles the data transfer capabilities compared to its predecessor, PCIe 4.0 or Gen 4. This impressive leap in performance is a game-changer for a wide range of devices, with particular benefits to solid-state drives (SSDs) and, to a certain extent, graphics processing units (GPUs). By adopting PCIe 5.0, users can experience faster data transfer speeds and improved overall system efficiency, enabling them to excel in their professional or personal pursuits.

ASRock has taken a step forward by introducing its Fan-Heatsink product series, specifically designed for –

  • AMD X670E,
  • B650E/B650,
  • Intel Z790 motherboards.

Here I took photographs of one of my friends’ motherboards. Take a look at these.

AMD X670E Motherboard
B650E Motherboard
B650E Motherboard
Intel Z790 Motherboard
Intel Z790 Motherboard

The series comprises five different types of coolers, all available in either silver or black color schemes. There is even a special edition available exclusively for the XB650E Taichi series. However, none of these coolers support Intel 600 series.

Blazing M.2 Fan-Heatsink, Source: ASRock/TechPowerUP

ASRock has stated that all types of coolers feature the same 30mm fan, which provides an airflow of up to 4.92 CFM. Each heatsink is 5 centimeters tall, so customers must ensure it will not collide with any existing components on their motherboards. Although ASRock has not yet confirmed the pricing, At the time of writing this article, each heatsink is expected to cost around $30.

A little bit About Asrock

ASRock Inc., founded in 2002 by Ted Hsu, has established itself as a prominent Taiwanese company specializing in designing and producing motherboards, industrial PCs, and home theater PCs. With its dedication to offering innovative solutions and continuously boosting performance, ASRock has effectively met the demands of various industries and tech enthusiasts.

The company’s commitment to quality and its forward-thinking approach has propelled it to the forefront of the competitive technology landscape. ASRock’s products not only cater to the needs of professional markets but also provide a seamless digital experience for everyday users, reinforcing the company’s position as a leading manufacturer in the ever-evolving computing world.

Cover Photo Image Credits : Blazing M.2 Fan-Heatsink, Source: ASRock/TechPowerUP


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