Prageeth Liyanage

I am Prageeth Liyanage and by profession, I am a computer engineer (BSC in Information Technology degree with a 4-year specialization). I love everything about computers. Since I had to upgrade my four laptops and two desktop computers’ HDDs to SSDs, I have been more focused on the SSD field. I have accumulated expert knowledge about this field from my deep research and my area of expertise.

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Over a period of time, I have been successful in making various SSDs work on my friends’ PCs with the help of my knowledge. Most of these SSDs were from Amazon and many were from local computer fairs/shops here in Sri Lanka.

Probably a question in your mind is “What makes you do all this?” Well, it’s simply the passion and love for SSDs. One of my friends said to me that I have a lot of knowledge regarding SSDs. Therefore I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with you through this blog as to how well it can transform your computing experience for better or worse, depending on which SSD you choose and how you configure it.

I only endorse a product if it really suits the requirement. So don’t worry I am not blindly endorsing famous brands. I hope that after reading the articles in this blog, you will be able to make a smart choice when purchasing an SSD and get the most out of it.

Is SSD Really that good?

I have seen many people hesitant to upgrade their old PCs or laptops because of a lack of information about Solid State Drives. One question that comes to everyone’s mind is ‘Are Solid State Drives worth upgrading?’ or ‘What are the advantages of using SSDs compared to a common hard disk drive?’.

People who have used SSDs were completely blown away by how fast it is. I always encourage my friends and relatives to change their old hard disks with SSDs. But some of them are skeptical about the price of SSDs, even though it is way cheaper than its ancestor.

So for all the confusion let me help you out. I’ll try to explain some features of Solid State Drives, compare them with HDD and also suggest some good SSDs that are available in the market at low cost.

My Other Websites

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To help others make an informed decision about what power bank to purchase, I started a blog called and I have written several blog posts on the subject.

Inside the blog, I cover different types of power banks and their benefits and drawbacks, as well as tips for using them responsibly. If you are looking for a way to keep your phone battery full while traveling, be sure to check out my blog.

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My Family Background

I am with my loving wife and my superhero son. He is 3 years old now. Of course too young to know about computers. But we still enjoy exploring the world of technology and learning new things every day. I am trying my best to give them a good start in life by providing them with the latest technology and the best education that I can afford, just like any other parent would do for their kids.

My Interests

I love to watch movies. I have a dedicated home theatre at my place and a nice LCD TV to complete it. I also purchase movies online from time to time so that we can watch movies even when traveling on holidays or going out camping.

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